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Vintage Valentine’s Day

ValentineLast year you got your sweetheart flowers and you have gone out to dinner for the past few Valentine’s Days. Maybe it’s time to try something new. Strangely enough, one of the best ways to do this is by seeking something old at an antique shop. Remember that one of the best ways of connecting, or reconnecting, with your significant other is to discover something new together. Browsing antiques can be the perfect way to do exactly that.

How is this romantic?

I don’t know if you’ve ever gone antiquing before, but it usually takes a long time to see all the shop has to offer. If you go with your dearest, all that time spent looking and walking can be quality time spent together. In some ways, antique shops are like little museums that you are lucky enough to be able to take home. Each object you find is a potential moment that you and your sweetheart can bond over. Didn’t their mother have a china set just like that one? Weren’t the champagne glasses at your wedding just like those? Suddenly you’re reminiscing or maybe you’re learning something new. Either way, you are having a lovely time together and that’s what matters.

Need a gift?

Maybe you’ve already made your Valentine’s Day reservations or you’re heading off for a romantic getaway so you don’t want to spend your date in an antique shop. That’s totally understandable. However, you can still snag a unique gift for your darling before you set sail. Here at Objects Found we have everything from cute tea cups to antique lighters. Find something special that shows your mate how much you listen to them, how much you care. We have all kinds of heart shaped items that will make your beloved feel blissful. However, if you don’t want the pressure of choosing a gift, you can always grab a gift certificate and let your special person pick something out themselves.

Objects Found is located in the heart of Catonsville at 818 Frederick rd. You can reach us by phone at 410-744-9000 or by email

See you soon!

Just So You Don’t Forget!

Dear Objects Found Customers, 

Don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change. This is Maryland weather for you.

We did it too. The StoRe Room has been completely re-done, becoming  StoRe: Elegant Entertaining. We have found some of our most beautiful treasures and made them ready for the holiday season. Come check out all the things that you never knew you needed to make your table the most spectacular thing people have seen this year. We hope to serve you as well!


Reggie’s Rent Reduction Plan

The Carriage House has been lots of fun for folks who love yard sales and flea markets, but the winter months and weather make the journey tedious and operating expenses outrageous! SO…we are closing the Carriage House at the end of December or when everything is gone, whichever comes first.

What does that mean to you?

Our Loss is Your Gain!

Everything in the Carriage House



Is 40% off.


Visit us soon and often, and don’t forget to bring your friends and family.

Don’t keep this a secret.