Scootin’ Around With Objects Found

April 28, 1995, I became a licensed antique dealer.  I called the business “Times & Traditions”  and even incorporated with that name. But when I opened my own storefront on January 6, 2000, I got stuck on the name “Objects Found.”  I don’t know why, it didn’t flow — people thought I was a private eye or something. They enjoyed figuring it out and now they get a kick out of showing me what they have in their homes that they purchased at Objects Found!

For almost 20 years, I have been scooting around for Objects Found. I rented a space in Frederick, then Ellicott City, then Downtown Baltimore, another in Catonsville,  then Arbutus, Severna Park, some small town in North Carolina, and more in Catonsville. Then, we reversed and consolidated.

While “scooting around,” I have learned and continue to learn so much. Not just about “stuff,” not just about antiques, but about people.  I’ve learned about small business, marketing, customer service, public service. I’ve seen estates and wills, and witnessed sibling behavior during sickness and death. I have learned about the importance of negotiating with different cultures. Transitions, divorces, and unemployment bring people to our consignment shop.  I have had to learn about ever-changing technology, websites, and now social media: Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest. And of course, I learned about antiques, art, design, and decorating.

I have learned so much, yet not enough. I want to share some of my insights with you and hope you visit our blog often!